Information Technology

The IT industry, and in particular software development, is an integral part of nearly every major global business. In fact, this particular industry has shown itself to be a major source of economic growth and has proven fruitful in regard to the subsequent creation of employment opportunities. As one of the most robust and productive […]

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Finance & Accounting

In today’s economic climate, it pays to stay ahead regarding the finance and accounting of a company. Our expert consultants promise to do their utmost to pair your business with the perfect match to your staffing requirements. The finance and accounting sector of a business is a vital component of its success and therefore inconsistency

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Engineers are responsible for the world’s problem-solving on many levels; they address society’s needs and problems on a number of scales with a unique blend of technology and science and are concerned with analyzing particular problems and conceiving solutions in response. At LTD, we are driven to matching the most talented engineers whom are both

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One of the most prominent job creating industries, Construction allows those involved to participate in significant and lasting projects. Our Construction department is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent and experienced candidates for positions such as: – Foreman – Superintendent – Estimator – Project or Construction Manager – And many more… We take pride in our

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Architecture and design is a sector that has really taken off in recent years. We have worked with design firms with expertise in all project types. Whether you design hospitality, public works, healthcare, residential, or commercial projects we have the candidates for you. Some positions we can help with include: Architects Project Managers Designers Job

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The Aerospace department is developing through its collaborator big project linked to the aeronautics and aerospace fields. The responsibility of the aeronautics field is to provide airlines and Space Company the necessary fleet to operate their exploitation. It is the reason why the main goal of those companies is quality, timing and high technology. Indeed,

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