Project Engineer with Public Works Experience needed in Santa Fe, CA

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Job Description - Project Engineer with Public Works Experience needed in Santa Fe, CA

ESSENTIAL DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES and ACCOUNTABILITIES of the position include the following:

*General Operations

Assists in the preparation of the monthly progress report highlighting project progress, costs, schedule and other project issues; forecasts activities for the coming report period.
Maintains project documentation files with special emphasis on notifications of deficiencies by architects, contractors or other parties that affect the quality, cost or schedule of the project. Ensures that deficiencies or impacts are communicated to the appropriate management staff.
Pre-Construction Operations

Assists in the preparation of construction management plan.
Receives and routes all incoming correspondence to the appropriate personnel and organizations. Files and maintains all incoming and outgoing contract correspondence.
Assist in the development of flow charts to outline the administrative reporting and approval processes.
Assist in preparing Constructability Reviews.
Assist in the bid document preparation and bid process.
Prepares submittal and shop drawing log.
Construction Operations

Prepares and issues minutes from weekly contractor progress meetings
Updates submittal, RFI, COR/CO and procurement logs for weekly contractor progress meetings.
Ensures that an updated CM plan is maintained in hard copy at all times at the job site.
Assists in the preparation and updating of the CPM schedule. Copies and distributes scheduling reports and look ahead schedules for contractors, architect/engineer, client reps and LM staff personnel.
Prepares and issues potential change order requests (pending change orders) and change orders to the LM project manager for approval. Maintains files and documents related to all PCO’s and CO’s in both electronic and hard copy media.
Log and maintain all RFI files and documentation to support the RFI process. Ensures RFI questions and answer are understandable and clear. Disseminates RFI data to contractors, architect/engineers, and LM personnel.
Prepares pay applications for contractors for project team review and approval. Maintains records of all pay applications segregated by contract.
Maintains files of all submittals and shop drawings in accordance to LM administrative procedures.
Assists in the preparation of punch lists. Separates Architect’s punchlist according to applicable trade contracts. Issues punchlist to each applicable trade and maintains updates of completed punch list items.
Assists in the preparation of project and contract close out documentation.
Assists in the preparation of the warranty documentation for the client and ensures a copy of the warranty documentation is complete for the LM files.
Assists the LM Project Manager and Superintendent with the mobilization and demobilization of all LM field equipment, materials and supplies.

The Project Engineer shall have a minimum of 3 years of responsible experience in field administration on construction projects. He/she shall have experience in public works and/or commercial construction projects. Primary specific experience and skills requirements of the position are:

Outstanding interpersonal relationship skills.
Thoroughly computer literate with emphasis on Procore (or similar) Document Control Software and Microsoft Software.
Good oral & written communications skills.
Knowledgeable in interpretation of drawings, specifications and other standard project management documents, with special emphasis on contract administration.
Ability to administer contracts.
Knowledge of divisions of work and prevailing wage laws.
A four-year University degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management or Business Management is desired.

The Project Engineer reports to the Project Manager and has a close working relationship with the site Superintendent(s), trade contractors and the client.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


Basic Computer Skills: 3 years (Required)
Construction Project: 3 years (Required)
Procore (or similar) Document Control Software: 3 years (Required)

Bachelor's (Preferred)