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Forward-looking and ambitious architecture firm seeking a design focused and talented Project Architect/Designer to join our team.

Role Description & Details

The Project Architect role is one of design, leadership, and a continual refinement of all your talents as a well-rounded architectural professional. This opportunity will include the ability to lead the design vision for a project, mentor junior staff members as they progress in their careers, contribute meaningfully to the success and growth of the firm, and guide your own professional development and interests through our continuing education benefits.  

The Project Architect is a key component to the success of every project. You will be afforded a high degree of autonomy to work with clients to establish and understand their goals, set a design direction that addresses those goals in a meaningful way, lead a team of talented and ambitious junior architects in executing a vision through on-going mentoring and fostering development, and manage to the financial success of your projects.

You will be working on projects where the successful application of your design and management talents will enrich the lives of all manner of people: vulnerable patient populations, health-conscious foodies, office workers seeking maximum productivity, home owners looking to improve their lifestyle, and entrepreneurs seeking to create meaningful customer experiences.

The skills we expect the Project Architect to consistently practice and refine include:

  • Ability to inspire and lead a team of junior architects in the execution of a design vision
  • Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to effectively manage time and resources
  • Strong technical skills and an ability to oversee the production of construction documents in an accurate, complete and timely manner
  • Superior interpersonal and written English communication skills
  • Software proficiency in Revit and AutoCAD
  • An understanding of office systems, standards and best practices


Qualities of the ideal candidate

  • You thrive with autonomy and self-directed work. You understand how and when to delegate and in busy times you can triage work effectively and set expectations appropriately. In less busy times you can create ways for yourself and others to be productive on behalf of the team. You understand what it means to make a difference.
  • You have a natural desire to do things right. You don’t need or want external motivators.
  • You strive to communicate clearly and effectively with others. You recognize when details are left vague and you seek to clarify.
  • You volunteer yourself when you see others need assistance.
  • You put the interests of the client and the team first.
  • You are pleasant to work with. You add to each interaction.
  • You make and keep commitments.
  • You have a passion for mentoring junior staff through sharing your knowledge, skillset and expertise.
  • You support others, not by waiting to be directed but through a deep understanding of how the firm works and what it takes for everything to work well together. Your daily focus is to make those around you even more successful.

 Requirements for application

  • A degree from an NAAB accredited school of architecture


  • Autonomous design role
  • Ability to manage projects and support and mentor staff
  • Salary Range is $80,000-$120,000
  • Benefits include paid vacation, sick time, seven paid holidays, health insurance contribution, 401K plan with firm contribution, professional development stipend and discretionary bonuses
  • This position is full-time in