Project Manager

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Building Construction/Skilled Trades
Los Angeles
Experienced architectural project manager with responsibility for the coordination of the delivery of  professional services in line with project and schedule requirements and financial expectations.   
Reports to:   Chief Operating Officer    Coordinates with:  Design Principals     Director of Contract Administration     Project Design Manager     Chief Financial Officer     Project Accountant   
Project Requirements: 
 Review Contract requirements with Design Principal, Project Design Manager, Business  Development and Director of Contract Administration   Identify required consultants and coordinate preparation of RFP’s, evaluation of  consultant proposals and conclusions of consultant negotiations with Director of  Contract Administration.     Confirm Project schedule, key milestone dates and presentations.   Identify projected invoice dates and coordinate with Project Accountant   Review work order with Design Principal, Chief Operating Officer and Director of  Contract Administration    Project Performance   Monitor Project progress with Design Principal and Project Design Manager   Identify potential changes in Project schedule and review potential impacts with Design  Principal, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Contract Administration for staffing  and budget impacts and Project Accountant for invoicing impacts   Monitor client initiated changes with Design Principal and Project Design Manager.   Identify potential additional services and/or impacts on staffing and budget and review  with Design Principal, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Contract Administration   Monitor Consultant performance for compliance with contract requirements.  Review  and approve Consultant invoices for payment   Confirm completion of submittal requirements with Design Principal and Project Design  Manager and authorize issuance of invoices by Project Accountant   Review and approve Project expenses, direct and reimbursable     Project Financial Evaluation   Assist Design Principals in understanding and evaluating Project Progress Reports   Assist Director of Contract Administration and
Project Accountant in evaluating monthly earnings   
OTHER ACTIVITIES     Participate in design presentations and Project meetings as appropriate   Participate in SHO / HKO Business Development Video Conference meetings   Participate in Design Principal Project Progress meetings   Participate in monthly Earnings meetings    QUALIFICATIONS     Bachelor’s degree in architecture   Minimum 4 to 7  years experience as an architectural project manager   Proficient with Word and Excel   Effective communication skills, both oral and written   Ability to work in a collaborative environment   Architectural license preferred   Previous experience working with large scale, mixed‐use projects desirable   Previous international experience desirable      WORK ENVIRONMENT      Open office work stations   Domestic and/or international travel may be required