Engineer Technician

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Building Construction/Skilled Trades
San Fernando Valley

Employment: Full-Time

Job Type: Engineer


Position Title: Engineer Technician


Position Summary:

The Engineer Technician under close supervision and performs a variety of basic technical civil engineering tasks including surveying, drafting, contract oversight and other assignments; performs work within scope of authority and training in assigned area of responsibility.

Job Responsibilities: Specifically, responsibilities associated with this job opportunity will include, but are not limited to the following:

·         Drafting and technical administrative work; performs work within scope of authority and training in assigned area of responsibility

·         Coordinates assigned project activities with other

·         County departments, consultants and developers.

·         Participates in the work of a field survey crew; operates a full range of survey equipment including electronic measuring devices, and other technical engineering equipment.

·         Maintains field notes of survey work performed; processes survey information and generates designs and drawings for various engineering and planning projects.

·         Performs necessary calculations to facilitate construction staking layout of approved engineering drawings.

·         Conducts research of ownership, legal descriptions or other such data needed to complete information required in preparation for construction projects.

·         Assists engineering staff in the preparation of engineering designs, related drawings, specifications and construction project estimates.


Job Requirement:

·         Must possess a valid Driver’s License. Specific technical training and certifications may be required

·         OSHA 30 Certification


Skills and Specifications:

·         Interpreting technical information and producing engineering drawings.

·         Technical writing and making mathematical computations.

·         Reading and understanding plans, specifications and schematics.

·         Safe and efficient operation and maintenance of trucks and equipment according to standard operating and safety procedures.

·         Following safe work practices.

·         Reading engineering instruments, meters and gauges and accurately recording findings.


Education and Qualifications: 

·         Associate’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

·         At least 2 – 5 years of experience in related field