Structural Engineer

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Los Angeles

Employment: Full-Time

Job Type: Construction, Civil Engineer, Design


Position Title: Structural Engineer


Position Summary:  

A structural engineer is responsible for designing any kind of structure so that it can fulfil a specific purpose, and remain safe, economic and functioning throughout its intended lifetime. Structural engineering is about investigating both the immediate loads and demands on the structure, as well as any likely future changes, and ensuring a structure is designed to withstand those loads.


Job Responsibilities: Specifically, responsibilities associated with this job opportunity will include, but are not limited to the following:

·         Preparing reports, designs and drawing

·         Making calculations about loads and stresses

·         Selecting appropriate construction materials

·         Providing technical advice

·         Obtaining planning and/or building regulations approval

·         Liaising with relevant professional staff

·         Monitoring and inspecting work undertaken by contractors

·         Administering contracts

·         Managing projects

·         Inspecting properties to check conditions/foundations.

Job Requirement:

·         Review of plans, specifications and special provisions, tracking of non-conformance and problem resolution

·         Investigation of problems and coordinating solution alternatives.

·         Representation at project meetings, Attendance at preconstruction, prefabrication and construction meetings.

·         Review of contractor submittals including QC plans, Supervision and general direction of the owner's inspection team for the assigned project(s)

·         Conducting audits / interviews / inspections of material suppliers to document their ability to produce the required quality of materials.

·         Read and understand building codes, construction specifications and drawings


Skills and Specifications:

  • Creativity
  • Team working
  • Mathematical skills
  • IT skills
  • Analytical skills.


Education and Qualifications:

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Structural and Architectural Engineering or equivalent

·         Minimum 5 years of related field experience